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Ashley is a respected voice on city issues. She has worked collaboratively alongside diverse groups and individuals to achieve shared city building goals.
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Ben Henderson

Edmonton City Councillor, Ward 8

As the outgoing Councillor for a huge piece of the new Ward Métis I am happy to endorse Ashley Salvador as my hoped for successor. Having watched Ashley work with Council over the past few years I have always been impressed by her combination of vision and practical solutions.


In working with Ashley over the past few months, as she has sought my knowledge on what is important to the Ward, I have only become more impressed with her depth of knowledge combined with her passion for the future of both our city and the communities of our ward. I have also been struck by how much we are aligned in our thinking for where our city and our communities need to go next.


Her commitment to building a sustainable and livable city will be critical to building the city I want to live in. I know in stepping aside to make room for people like Ashley Salvador to pick up the torch that I am, when she gets elected with your support, leaving the city in very good hands.

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