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District Planning

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Edmonton’s City Plan sets our collective gaze on a more healthy, urban, climate resilient future where people can live locally in walkable, amenity-rich, 15-minute communities with access to diverse housing and transportation options.

As we work towards a population of 2 million, the City Plan serves as our roadmap to a more fiscally and environmentally sustainable city. It touches on all aspects of life in Edmonton, including the way we move, grow, connect, thrive, and prosper.

We have the vision. Now it’s time to make it happen.

Implementing the City Plan was one of the driving factors behind my run for Council. While there are a number of important tools for implementation, I wanted to touch on a critical one that is currently underway - District Planning.

Implementing the City Plan through District Planning

Since a plan for every neighbourhood isn’t feasible, the City Plan identified 15 geographic districts across Edmonton that each include a collection of neighbourhoods.

District plans are meant to support the implementation of the City Plan. The City Plan sets expectations using broad strokes, and district planning goes in with a finer brush to provide a higher degree of detail.

District plans will provide insight into the future of how growth in our neighbourhoods will move forward. Industry members will find guidance into where the City is strategically orienting redevelopment and development. Large institutions and community partners will have more accessible planning information to assist with their own planning and investment decisions.

Finally, administration and City Council will have consolidated and modernized our policies in order to inform land use, mobility, and other infrastructure and amenity related decisions. In summary: District Plans will provide greater clarity to key stakeholders, and help set the stage for discussions on city building decisions.

District planning is also an important part of modernizing our planning framework. Over the last 30 years plans upon plans have been layered on top of one another, creating a landscape that, in many cases, is not in alignment with the City Plan vision.

As part of this modernization process, older plans are being repealed, replaced, or incorporated into the new district plans.

The first step of District Planning involves establishing the “District General Policy” and the 15 district plans. As part of this process, right now, communities, residents, organizations and developers are invited to provide input to shape district plans.

Get Engaged

The Draft District Plans are now available for engagement and feedback! You can find the District Plans, and the District General Policy here.

Each plan takes into consideration a district's geography, history, infrastructure, and so much more. They discuss where significant redevelopment makes sense, and where more gentle density would be appropriate.

In order to provide the highest quality feedback, you may want to review both the District General Policy as well as any district that you are interested in to get a full understanding of the breadth and intentions behind these plans.

The online survey is out until October 15th. There are also in-person engagement meetings being held throughout the city. In Ward Métis, there will be engagement sessions held for both Southeast District and 118 Avenue District:

Date: Wednesday, Sept. 28

Time: 5–8 p.m

Location: Bonnie Doon Community League 9240 – 93 St. NW

Date: Thursday, Oct. 6

Time: 5–8 p.m

Location: Queen Alexandra Community League 10425 University Avenue

Date: Thursday, Sept. 15

Time: 5–8 p.m

Location: Queen Mary Park Community League 10844 117 St. NW

Date: Tuesday, Oct. 11

Time: 5–8 p.m

Location: Eastwood Community League 11803 86 St. NW

If you're interested in other sessions, you can find the full list of engagement sessions here.

Please be sure to take advantage of these opportunities to participate! Your feedback and input matters, and helps to ensure these plans are reflective of the City Plan and the collective desires of Edmontonians.


Following engagement and further refinement, Council approval of district plans is targeted for the end of 2023.



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