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2021 Platform Highlights 

I love the communities of Ward Métis, and believe they can be even better. As your City Councillor, I will honour my commitment to listen, take action, and serve our communities well.

Community Health,

Safety & Wellness

Let's build a City that supports health, wellbeing & neighbourliness. You deserve safer streets & communities, & access to parks, rec-centres, healthy food, & affordable amenities. 

Happy Mixed Race Ethnic Family Walking I
Active Transit.jpeg

Fair & Responsible

Fiscal Policy

We must be more efficient with our tax dollars & investment decisions while reeling in sprawl to ensure we can deliver the essential services you rely on & expect.

Image by Dylan Ferreira

Growing Our Economy & Supporting Local Businesses

Let's reduce barriers for local businesses & invest in our main streets. This will help drive Edmonton's economic recovery while fostering community hubs & supporting local entrepreneurs.

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Mature Neighbourhoods

as 15-Minute Districts

Let's work towards "15-Minute Districts" where you can live, work & play locally with access to housing & transportation options & key amenities like grocery stores, child care & meeting places.

An Inclusive

& Compassionate City

We must adopt systemic solutions to combat racism and discrimination, address homelessness, and support community members who are facing injustice.

River valley lookout in Edmonton, Albert

Environmental Stewardship & Action on Climate Change 

Let's protect our River Valley & parks while improving access for all. At the same time, to take meaningful action on climate change, we must accelerate Edmonton’s Energy Transition Strategy.

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Platform Deep Dive

Community Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Growing Our Local Economy

Fair & Responsible Fiscal Policy 

Complete Communities

Climate Resilience & Green Economy

Build Effective Relationships

Aerial of early winter sunrise in the Ed


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