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Ashley has been working for Edmontonians, with Edmontonians for years. 
Her work as President and Founder of YEGarden Suites and commentary as an urban planner has gained the attention of local, national, & international media.
As a young, passionate Edmontonian she brings a fresh and insightful perspective to issues related to housing, fiscal sustainability, economic development, climate change, and urban wellness. 

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  • Ashley Salvador in the news: Edmonton's proposed City Plan hinging on creation of 15-minute communities as city grows toward two million. Business friendly policies.

    Edmonton Journal

    Edmonton's proposed City Plan hinging on creation of 15-minute communities as city grows toward two million people

    “It’s not just about lifestyles, it’s about building an economically viable and competitive city that will attract new residents.”


  • Ashley Salvador in the news: Edmonton homeowners limited by city rules as they look to expand rental options. Family friendly housing. Affordable housing. Infill development.

    Globe & Mail

    Edmonton homeowners limited by city rules as they look to expand rental options

    “Gentle density is a good fit for Edmonton because of the largely single-family housing makeup of the city. We see gentle density as a way to bridge the gap between car-reliant older suburbs and more compact, dense neighbourhoods.” 


  • Ashley Salvador in the news: Want more local businesses in your neighbourhood? Then legalize "Accessory Commercial Units." Business friendly. Investment. Mature Neighbourhoods.

    Strong Towns

    Want more local businesses in your neighbourhood? Then legalize “Accessory Commercial Units.”

    "There’s a dearth of small-scale retail space available in most North American cities. It’s blocking budding entrepreneurs, and it’s compromising local resilience. Creating opportunities for everyday citizens to bring their skills, talents, and assets to market should be a central part of our recovery."


  • Ashley Salvador in the news: Community Engagement, Accountability, Equity, Trust.

    Winnipeg Free Press

    App-etite For Engagement

    "Sitting through a four-hour hearing with a fussy baby or having to miss work to attend an engagement session is not a fair burden to place on citizens. More often than not, the people missing out are mothers, young people and working families, leading to a demographic misrepresentation at traditional forums for engagement. This is really a question of equity. Without flexible, online alternatives, we miss important voices for city-building." 


  • Alberta Prime Times

    Garden Suites Taking Root in Edmonton

    "That's so important in terms of affordability," says Salvador. "It addresses issues of urban isolation, more critical for less mobile people who stand to lose important social connections that help them be healthy and happy."


  • Ashley Salvador supports free market policy, cutting red tape, safer streets, Edmonton, lower taxes, efficiency, sustainability & fighting climate change.

    Strong Towns 

    Parking minimums are costing your city. For a way forward, look to Edmonton.

    “Whenever we’re having conversations around community change or neighborhood change, we find it’s much more powerful if those stakeholders speak themselves to present their perspectives,” says Salvador. “When we go to council, we put together panels of community members who can share their experiences, instead of just me speaking up for everyone.”

    “We like to think of ourselves more as a movement generator, rather than as pure advocacy,” Salvador says. “That’s a critical part of it: giving people the tools they need and empowering them to be part of the conversation.”


  • Ashley Salvador supports cutting red tape, streamlining government, efficiency, fighting climate change, and sustainable communities.

    CBC News

    Edmonton set to revamp parking rules that date back to the 1970s

    "It should be a choice," she told CBC News. "We don't think that the city should really force people and homeowners to build parking if they don't need it."

    She said the city's parking policies should reflect the goal of creating a more walkable, active city and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.


  • Ashley Salvador a strong, professional, smart woman. Promoting equality, equity, fighting poverty and homelessness, and supporting affordable housing.

    Edmonton Social Planning Council

    The Women Issue

    Her research interests include affordable housing, infill development, poverty reduction, placemaking, community engagement, and climate change adaptation. She has experience working with Alberta Municipal Affairs on housing related reports and is currently working at the University of Alberta’s Office of Sustainability.


    Ashley also works with Abundant Community Edmonton, a city-wide initiative to increase neighbourliness, enhance connection and belonging, and reduce urban isolation.


  • Ashley Salvador est une candidate dans la election municipale Edmonton 2021 Octobre 18.

    CBC Radio-Canada

    Vivre dans un pavillon-jardin: une tendance de plus en plus populaire en Alberta

    Des organismes comme YEG Garden Suites ont aidé à modifier les règlements municipaux, ce qui fait que les pavillons-jardins sont maintenant permis sur la plupart des terrains à Edmonton, affirme-t-il.

    Il ajoute que la plupart de ses clients les construisent afin de les transformer en bureau, en logement à revenu, ou encore pour y habiter, lorsqu'ils seront âgés, au lieu d’opter pour une résidence pour aînés.








  • Ashley Salvador supports action on climate change, mass transit, responsible government, and investment in infrastructure with a high return on investment. She promotes fair and responsible fiscal policy.

    National Post

    1,000 km/h Edmonton-Calgary pod commute is the latest twist of an exploration that's been happening for ages

    “I think we need to focus on what we know already works,” said Ashley Salvador, an Edmonton urban planner. “There’s lots of evidence out there showing regular high-speed rail already works.”


  • Ashley Salvador supports local economy, business improvement areas, development, job creation, and oportunities for small businesses.

    Edmonton Journal

    All aboard: Shipping container development planned for Whyte Avenue next to historic railway station

    Urban planner and YEGarden Suites president Ashley Salvador said she was really excited when she first saw the outside-the-box plan because it will provide an enticing space for both local entrepreneurs and consumers.

    “It’s going to provide local entrepreneurs and new businesses with small-scale retail space, which is really missing in our city in a number of ways so giving local makers creative space like that where there is such high volume of pedestrian traffic is really going to be a boon,” she said.


  • Ashley Salvador supports family friendly housing, lower taxes, keeping schools and receration centres open.

    The Star

    Edmonton council rejects three-storey townhouse in Glenora, angering both density advocates and area residents

    “There is that inconsistency of what we say we are looking toward versus what we are actually doing,” said Ashley Salvador, an urban planner who spoke at Monday’s public hearing. “If we are not adding density in our mature neighbourhoods, we are going to be building in the suburbs. That means that we are going to have more car use and more emissions.”


  • Ashley Salvador believes that Edmontonians should demand more of their City Councillors and elected officials. She's an advocate for smart urban planning, reducing vacant and derelict properties, parks and the River Valley.

    CBC Edmonton

    Out of luck: Demolition in the cards for old Baccarat Casino

    She's said she's disappointed by the plan to use the Baccarat lot for surface parking. She'd rather see a temporary commercial space using shipping containers or a park.

    "For such a prime location, even if it's going to be temporary use, Edmontonians deserve better than a surface parking lot."


  • Ashley Salvador is a candidate running for Edmonton City Council, Ward Metis in the upcoming municipal election on October 18, 2021.

    CBC Edmonton

    Edmonton city council votes to remove minimum parking requirements

    "What this change does is a market-based approach, where we're removing government regulation and we're giving market the ability to sort out this oversupply and to reach a more efficient, optimal usage rate"


  • Globe & Mail

    Garage suites create 'voluntary affordability' in Edmonton

    A researcher at Dalhousie University, Halifax, has compiled the first comprehensive data set on garage suites in Edmonton as part of a thesis on social relationships and affordability of accessory dwelling units.

    "This type of infill development is much more relationship driven than financial," Ashley Salvador says. "A large number of these suites have been built for the benefit of a family member or to allow the homeowners to age in place."



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