Ashley Salvador is a candidate running for Edmonton City Council, Ward Metis in the upcoming municipal election on October 18, 2021. Who to vote for. Best candidate. Political candidate. Conservative, NDP, Liberal party.

Edmonton is a City of doers & builders, filled with big hearts, sharp minds, & grit.

​Right now, many families and businesses are worried about their future. Practical decision-making and visionary leadership are needed to help guide our recovery and position Edmonton for success. You expect your elected officials to be capable free-thinkers who bring your voice to City Hall, and trustworthy stewards with your tax dollars. You expect them to deliver the core services and amenities you and your family rely on, while building on what makes our City great.


I am the founder of YEGarden Suites, an urban planner, vocal community advocate, & award-winning scholar who loves our City. I have a track record of working hard to deliver value for Edmontonians and I am committed to making our City the best place to raise a family, retire, open a business, and live a healthy, active life.

That's why I am running to be your City Councillor,





Ashley Salvador is a candidate running for Edmonton City Council, Ward Metis in the upcoming municipal election on October 18, 2021.

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Explore Our Platform

You need to know what values and principles will guide your elected officials. You deserve to know who you're voting for.

Community Health,

Safety & Wellness

Let's build a City that supports health, wellbeing & neighbourliness. You deserve safer streets & communities, & access to parks, rec-centres, healthy food, & affordable amenities. 

Fair & Responsible

Fiscal Policy

We must be more efficient with our tax dollars & investment decisions, while reeling in sprawl to ensure we can deliver the essential services you rely on & expect.

Growing Our Economy & Supporting Local Businesses

Let's reduce barriers for local businesses & invest in our main streets. This will help drive Edmonton's economic recovery while fostering community hubs & supporting local entrepreneurs.

Mature Neighbourhoods

as 15-Minute Districts

Let's work towards "15-Minute Districts" where you can live, work & play locally with access to housing & transportation options & key amenities like grocery stores, child care & meeting places.

An Inclusive

& Compassionate City

Let’s ensure that all people have opportunities to engage in community life, and support those who are isolated, marginalized, or facing injustice.

Environmental Stewardship & Action on Climate Change 

Let's protect our River Valley & parks while improving access for all. At the same time, to take meaningful action on climate change, we must accelerate Edmonton’s Energy Transition Strategy.


Meet Ashley Salvador

Your City Council Candidate for Ward Métis

A fresh perspective 

Ashley brings a modern approach to City issues & the delivery of core services. She values the lived experience of Edmontonians alongside data, facts and evidence-based decision making.

A community advocate

Ashley has been working alongside everyday Edmontonians to keep our streets safe, schools and rec-centres open, transportation flowing, and businesses growing.  


A problem solver 

As a young, passionate Edmontonian, Ashley loves her community, but understands that there's work to do and problems to solve. She is an action-oriented person with a track record of serving our City.

An entrepreneur

Ashley built an organization out of a $15 library booking that has generated over $15 million dollars of investment into our mature neighbourhoods. She knows that local businesses are the heart of communities, and that some of the best solutions come from the ground up.

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Ashley Salvador is a candidate running for Edmonton City Council, Ward Metis in the upcoming municipal election on October 18, 2021.

Local Government Matters

Municipal government is the level of government that is closest to the people. If the snow doesn’t get cleared or buses don’t run you can’t get to work, school or a job interview.


The relationship between program & service delivery & the livelihood of Edmontonians is observable & tangible.


Cities have become the economic engines of our province & country. It is City Council's responsibility to deliver a high quality of life for current residents while building a city that attracts & retains talent & jobs for years to come so that the next generation of Edmontonians can live well and prosper.

Crowdsourced Map of Ward Métis

Share your voice by adding to our crowdsourced map of Ward Métis. Add places you love, areas that need improvement, and untapped opportunities.

OCTOBER 18, 2021

Learn how to vote in the upcoming election.

Do You Live in Ward Métis?

On December 7, 2020, Edmonton changed the current Ward names & boundaries. Ward Métis is a combination of old Wards 7, 8, & 11.


Search your address to find out if you live and vote in Ward Métis with Ashley!





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