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Ashley is honoured to serve the residents of Ward Métis, and the rest of Edmonton. Ward Métis is made up of 30 communities in east-central Edmonton. It straddles both sides of the North Saskatchewan River and is home to nearly 85,000 Edmontonians.

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Ward Métis Name Meaning

Given the history of the area and the use of the Riverlot system in this ward, a Métis name was chosen. 

Edmonton has been a gathering place for Indigenous Peoples for thousands of years. A committee of Indigenous matriarchs gifted traditional names to the City's wards to honour these sacred places in Edmonton and to preserve the history for future generations. 

The Métis people originated in the early 1700s when French and Scottish fur traders married Indigenous women, such as the Cree, and Anishinaabe (Ojibway). After a few generations, the descendants of these marriages formed a distinct culture, collective consciousness and nationhood in the northwest.


As the fur trade slowed, Métis people developed farms on river lots close to Fort Edmonton. The shape and position of these lots is a reflection of the city’s design. Because of their integral part in the formation of the city, this ward has been given the name Métis to honour a cornerstone in Edmonton’s history.

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Meet Councillor Salvador

Meet Councillor Salvador

Ashley was elected to Edmonton City Council on October 18, 2021 and is honoured to serve the residents of Ward Métis, and the rest of Edmonton.

She is an urban planner and has experience working across sectors on projects related to affordable housing, climate change, social isolation and inclusion, infill policy, and seniors housing. Born and raised in Edmonton, she holds a BA Honours in Sustainability and Sociology from Dalhousie University, and a MA Planning from the University of Waterloo.

Ashley is passionate about building a healthy, equitable, and climate resilient Edmonton. She has been active at the municipal level for close to a decade and has been a longstanding advocate for zoning reforms and sustainable urban development. She is the founder of a local non-profit that is dedicated to helping gently densify existing neighbourhoods, create greater housing choice, and improve walkability, access to transit, and vibrancy in mature communities.

In her off time, Ashley is an avid cyclist, and enjoys hiking and cross-country skiing in Edmonton's River Valley. Ashley and her partner live in the Newton neighbourhood in Ward Métis, and she regularly spends time in neighbourhoods across the Ward.




Local Government Matters

Municipal government is the level of government that is closest to the people. If the snow doesn’t get cleared or buses don’t run you can’t get to work, school or a job interview.


The relationship between program & service delivery & the livelihood of Edmontonians is observable & tangible.


Cities have become the economic engines of our province & country. It is City Council's responsibility to deliver a high quality of life for current residents while building a city that attracts & retains talent & jobs for years to come so that the next generation of Edmontonians can live well and prosper.

Platform Priorities

Ashley ran on a bold, forward-thinking platform. At its core, her platform centred around taking action on climate change, revitalizing mature neighbourhoods to foster walkable, 15-minute communities, and building an inclusive and compassionate city where all Edmontonians feel welcome and like they belong.


Priorities include addressing homelessness, taking a proactive approach to community safety and wellbeing, accelerating our energy transition strategy, protecting the river valley, densifying existing neighbourhoods to counter suburban sprawl and offer greater housing choice to Edmontonians, and investing in public and active transit. Read her full platform:

Ashley Salvador is a candidate running for Edmonton City Council, Ward Metis in the upcoming municipal election on October 18, 2021.


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