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Climate Resilience & Green Economy

Like you, Ashley loves Edmonton's River Valley and parks. Ward Métis is the only ward that straddles both banks of the North Saskatchewan, therefore, it will be doubly as important for the councillor of Ward Métis to be a responsible steward. Ashley's background in Sustainability makes her the strongest candidate to be entrusted with this cherished natural asset. Residents of Ward Métis are also concerned about climate change, and want to see action. Let's accelerate our Energy Transition Strategy, and look for opportunities to create jobs, and capture economic growth from green industries. 
Image by Lexie Barnhorn
Image by Steven Fortier

Environmental Stewardship

Edmonton’s River Valley is our most valuable natural asset. Let’s protect it so that current and future residents can enjoy it.

This means balancing conservation and activation to meet our environmental, societal, and city building objectives. We must conserve and restore natural systems (ex. tree planting, restoring creeks), protect communities from hazardous uses and oppose inappropriate development in the River Valley, while improving the connectivity and accessibility of our trail system, which in many areas is crumbling beneath us. This will ensure Edmonton's River Valley continues to be a wildlife corridor that supports biodiversity, ecological function, recreation, and leisure. 

Capturing Economic Growth & Green Industries

Climate change presents us with an opportunity to bring sustainable jobs to Edmonton.

Let’s support innovation and private investment in green industries and businesses. We can build on our existing strengths as a world leader in energy by supporting the growth of industries like green building and transit, deep energy retrofits, renewable energy, & grid infrastructure. Edmonton is uniquely positioned to attract investment, diversify our economy, and succeed in the 21st century by leading the energy transition.

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Action On Climate Change

Let’s accelerate the implementation of Edmonton’s energy transition strategy, which will return between $2.5-3.4 billion dollars in net present value to our City.

Taking climate action is not at odds with growing our economy. By adopting more efficient patterns of development, and supporting a low carbon transportation system, we can lower our greenhouse gas emissions, maintenance costs and upkeep. We’re taking steps by expanding our LRT system, electrifying our fleet, and ensuring City of Edmonton buildings meet a high standard of energy efficiency, but we can do more. Let's incentivize energy efficiency upgrades by promoting our Home Energy Retrofit Accelerator, and expanding the Clean Energy Improvement Program.

Nature-Based Solutions  

We can enhance our human habitat by creating a greener, healthier, and more climate resilient city.

Expanding opportunities for urban agriculture and community gardens, will bring ecological and social benefits to our communities. This will improve food security, mitigate the effects of climate change, and make productive use of our green spaces. Let's integrate natural elements into the design of our neighbourhoods and public spaces by allowing boulevard planting, and encouraging naturalized lawns, urban beekeeping, edible landscapes, and native planting. 

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