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Complete Communities

At the end of the day, one of the primary roles of local government is to make sure the city runs well, and is a great place to live. Ashley is a passionate advocate for 15-minute districts, greater housing and transportation choice, and building an accessible, and age-friendly Edmonton. Complete communities that attract investment, residents, and businesses are at the heart of achieving our larger goals of becoming a prosperous, equitable, and climate resilient city.
Image by Lexie Barnhorn

15-Minute Districts

All residents of Ward Métis should have the ability to live locally, and access the essentials of life within 15-minutes of their homes.

Let’s promote walkable, mixed-use, districts that offer access to employment, education, groceries, parks, amenities, and high quality transportation. This is a more efficient pattern of development compared to urban sprawl. It will reduce the cost of living, increase quality of life, fight climate change, and result in a more efficient use of tax dollars.

Transportation Freedom

Let’s increase transportation choice so that Edmontonians have the freedom to move in ways that work for them.

We all need to move around our City. Supporting attractive and viable options for people who want to walk, bike, roll, or take public transit will help reduce congestion and traffic for people who drive. By investing in low-cost, high-return active transit networks and bike infrastructure more Edmontonians will be able to move safely, efficiently, and seamlessly from one destination to the next in all seasons. At the same time safe, convenient, and reliable public transit is foundational to an efficient transportation network. In a regional context, continued collaboration on projects like a regional transportation system will increase our competitiveness, create jobs, and attract investment. 

Active Transit.jpeg

Greater Housing Choice

Welcoming more people and a diversity of new homes into our communities is critical for our sustainability, wellbeing & local economy.

Through my work with YEGarden Suites, I’ve promoted the development of gentle density that allows seniors to age in place, multi-generational households to live comfortably, and Edmontonians to rent affordably. Much of the infill being built today is unaffordable for most Edmontonians. Let’s support the development of attractive and affordable family-friendly housing with options that meet the diverse needs of Ward Métis. At the same time, new development and neighbourhood change must be managed effectively to minimize disruption to existing residents.

An Age-Friendly, Accessible City 

Let’s build a city that works for Edmontonians of all ages and abilities.

Our public buildings, infrastructure, communication, and transportation systems must be fully accessible. Accessibility and inclusive design are foundational to wellbeing and creating a city where all people have opportunities to fully participate in community life.  From a parent pushing a stroller, to a toddler on a trike, or an Edmontonian who uses a wheelchair, our City must work for everyone. This also means improving gaps in our mobility system, and improving the quality of River Valley trails.

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