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Build Effective Relationships 

Ashley knows first hand that government does not need to do everything and that some of the best solutions come from the ground up. She built a successful non-profit in response to community need and has served on numerous board who are making meaningful change in our City. That being said, the City has an important role to play in supporting citizens who are helping build a better Edmonton. Through piloting, partnerships, and granting programs, we can help drive innovation and investment while improving economic and social outcomes. 
Image by Lexie Barnhorn

Leveraging Community Driven Solutions & Partnerships 

Sometimes, the best solutions come from the ground up.  Let’s offer support and resources to citizens who are helping build a better Edmonton.

Ward Métis is home to numerous community-serving organizations, non-profits, and social enterprises. We have world-class educational institutions, a dynamic local business community, and a rich history of community leagues. Government does not need to do everything. Through partnerships, piloting, and granting programs like the Community Investment Operating Grant (CIOG) we can help drive innovation and improve economic and social outcomes.

A Champion For Our Ward

What’s often forgotten are the voices who are not at the table. Edmontonians with children, those who work irregular hours or who are unable to attend council meetings are often not heard.

While serving as the president and founder of YEGarden Suites I led initiatives and educational campaigns aimed at building community capacity for influencing change. I listened to community members, and took the time to understand the barriers and frustrations they faced. I taught people how to engage with council, speak at public hearings, and have their voice heard. Together, we made a meaningful difference in the lives of Edmontonians. I’m passionate about creating opportunities for you to engage in building our city and I am committed to listening, learning, and taking action to better our communities.

Image by Lexie Barnhorn
Image by Darby P.

Truth & Reconciliation 

All orders of government must work towards truth and reconciliation and fulfill our commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Calls to Action.

At the local level, this means truth telling and commemoration to honour the histories, cultures, experiences and perspectives of Indigenous Peoples. In collaboration with Survivors, Indigenous organizations and communities we can support healing and reconciliation projects, festivals, celebrations, days of reflection, public art projects, renaming initiatives, and much more.  The City of Edmonton must follow through on its Indigenous Framework and Urban Reserve Strategy to support and advance reconciliation and Treaty relationships.


It's also imperative that we modernize our approach to community safety and wellbeing by expanding the number and use of crisis diversion and alternative policing teams, building anti-racist organizational cultures, and taking a proactive approach to community safety by funding permanent supportive housing and culturally appropriate social services.

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