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Ashley is a respected voice on city issues. She has worked collaboratively alongside diverse groups and individuals to achieve shared city building goals.
Louis-Hugo-Francescutti-Headshot (2).jpe
Dr. Louis Hugo Franciscutti

Past President Canadian Medical Association | Professor of Public Health University of Alberta | Emergency and preventative medicine physician

I am pleased to endorse Ashley for City Council and urge voters in Ward Métis to support her campaign. 

As an emergency and preventive medicine physician, and public health professor, I understand the foundational role a city plays in community health. I am confident in Ashley’s systemic approach to building healthy, inclusive, and equitable cities.

Working with Ashley on housing and homelessness initiatives I have seen how she uses her education, experience, and work ethic to create positive change. When neighbours bring their concerns to Ashley they can trust she’ll be able to use her knowledge and insight to develop solutions with them.

Edmonton needs councillors who can build coalitions and consensus, and hit the ground running. We need leaders who make decisions based on facts, data, and evidence. Ashley Salvador has a track record of doing just that. She is exactly the kind of intelligent, compassionate and forward-thinking leader we need in City Hall.

Stay tuned for weekly endorsement releases.

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