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Ashley is a respected voice on city issues. She has worked collaboratively alongside diverse groups and individuals to achieve shared city building goals.
Jim Sandercock

Green Energy Educator and Highlands resident

We are experiencing the negative impacts of climate change in our daily lives with increasing frequency - but there is also real climate hope!


I support Ashley for council because she has specific plans for how we can work together to deal with the worst of these climate issues. Her plans will create economic growth in our City and increase the number of local clean energy jobs.  She supports investments by the City that will unlock private equity to help renovate our homes to be more comfortable during extreme weather events, help families generate their own renewable energy, reduce our emissions through better transit, and create more social cohesion through 15-minute communities. 


Ashley is the type of leader we need at city hall – a person who can transform some of our toughest challenges into opportunities.

Stay tuned for weekly endorsement releases.

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